Don't Panic, Microsoft Paint Isn't Going Anywhere


Microsoft PaintAfter declaring that Microsoft Paint would be going away, Microsoft changes its mind after an Internet outcry.

In a somewhat confusing post this week, Microsoft said that Paint, the built in graphics program that's been part of the Windows operating system for the last 32 years, would be discontinued, or in Microsoft speak, deprecated, along with some other programs. After a large outcry by fans of the program, Microsoft reversed course, and in a blog post, said Microsoft would be keeping Paint. Microsoft will be moving Paint to the Windows Store as a free download in the near future (no timeline is available right now) and its main features incorporated into Paint 3D, available on Windows 10.

Also being discontinued are Outlook Express and its Reader app, which will be added to Edge, the web browser in Windows 10.

For the full list of features that are removed or deprecated in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, see this Microsoft post.

MS Paint is here to stay

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If I could correct the grammar -
Don't Panic, Microsoft Paint ain't Going Anywhere

Some people canny peak ite,
(Some people cannot speak right)

Grammar and other corrections are welcome. :)

Why was there no internet outcry when Microsoft "deprecated" BOWEP (Best Of Windows Entertainment Pack)?

I heard a lot of outcry when they did that. But to answer your question, I have only guesses.
- the internet was smaller then
- there was no social media to spread things
- the population that was impacted had no media to disperse the information to large groups of people as is standard now, thus no centralized groups spreading actionable information, like the Twitter, Facebook or other contact information of the responsible parties
- small groups of outraged consumers were easy to ignore in those years as they had no clout, public or private
- other unknown factors.
I would also mention that Google discontinues services like Google Reader in the face of massive opposition and outcry.
I'm sure there are many other reasons.

"Also being discontinued are Outlook Express..."

I'm confused. Though I use OE on XP and have it running on 8.1 too, MS foolishly replaced their Cadillac of email programs with "Windows Mail" in Vista. Although WM's folder is included in Win 10, the program won't run without applying and reapplying (because just about every major update sends it back to being dysfunctional) a couple of tricks. Since OE was dropped so very long ago, do you actually mean MS is dumping Windows Mail too?

In reply to "Australia".... Yes yes yes.......Security, boot time, compatibility with old hardware, choice among desktops, bloat, updating, spyware. .... these are all my reasons to run Linux.

Don't get mad, get even! You have nothing to lose but your chains.

Gizmo has a nice article called "Is Moving From Windows to Linux The Right Choice For You" which you'll have to search for, because they keep it hidden.

And there's plenty of MS Paint alternatives; it's a very popular category.

When i started in computers there was a network program called Novel.
It was light fast and worked on old hardware. heck, there were 386 and 486 machines with so much dust on them that you couldnt find them.
we never updated and never bought the new version.
Because it worked. it worked so well that the company went out of business, because there was realy no reson to but the next version.
Microsoft on the other hand ............
We called it the WinTel conspiricy. stronger hardware to run heavier software so you need to buy stronger hardware to get the heavier software and so on.
Security aside, what do we do on win10 that we didnt do on win95. bells and whistles.
Ever wonder why every other OS from Micro$oft was a waste and the OS that corrected it wasnt advertised. Remember Vista WOW, it was corrected by Win7 which didnt cost much in advertising. If you had Vista you needed to buy Win7 to get things working again.
I dont know if they understand technology but they sure do understand business.

All good points. :)

I urge you all to rally against this "change for change sake" phenomenon
I dont use Microsoft Paint, but the principal is a small example of the wider trend

If Microsoft releases a new version, three vital questions to be asked:
How many of the new features actually improve my productivity ?
My current software - does it properly run on the new version of Windows ?
My current hardware (including printer, scanner) - does it properly run on the new version of Windows, or will I need to buy new hardware ?

The vast majority of computer users use Windows for 3 things
- internet use (email, browsing), writing documents, and using media (music, movies)
The vast majority of industry rely on a stable Windows platform, that lets them use their established and tested software

Evolution of the OS seems often to be guided by designers, rather than hard core power users
One of the most fundamental tasks of a computer, copying files from one location to another, actually became slower from Windows XP to Windows 8 ! (154 seconds -> 237 seconds, to copy 4GB of files)
Features often arent improved with a new OS version, instead everything is just moved and harder to find !
Windows 8 was an obvious attempt by Microsoft to push Windows phone layout onto desktop users - and was doomed to failure

Developers need to focus on the following:
-avoid cosmetic changes (ala Windows 8) which provide no productivity boost
-If a change widely reduces peoples productivity, do not implement it
-ask the Powerusers, who have been using Windows since Windows 3.1, of the features required
-dont employ the wet behind the ears product designers, that starting using Windows in 2010
-the vast majority of accountants and writers use Windows with a real keyboard, not a tablet
-focus on providing a security module that can be updated regularly, and leave the rest of the OS alone
-the majority of people I suspect. dont appreciate the endless operating system upgrades, that render older software and hardware nonfunctional
-if a simple program (Word processor, Spreadsheet, PDF reader, Media player) takes more than 5 seconds to load, by definition it is bloated software
-in contrast, Word 2003, Excel 2003 both load in less than 3 seconds, and can do most the essentials, with much less hassle
-the market has been crying out for voice recognition software for Windows that simply works, with good accuracy, why the delay ?
-focus on creating internet browsers that dont use >1GB memory
-installing new programs often leads to new services being run - every time Windows starts, even if that new program isnt being used !
Before long, computers are running more than 30 services in the background, and taking longer and longer to boot up and shut down
-common sense says that at any time, Windows should only be using the processes that relate to applications that are being used
-there should be an alert everytime a newly installed program wants to start up with every Windows login, and wants to start its processes with every Windows login (even it if isnt being used). There should be an option to stop this.

Also, when did advertisements in Windows, and data mining of Windows users become acceptable ?

I was a senior Analyst in IT for 20 years.
Occasionally a project would go ahead, with no analyst involved, just the programmer.
Invariably the resultant project was a 'failure' (or did not have a long life after release aka inadequately analyzed).
I reckon MS is letting programmers dream up stuff, and letting them design and implement it.

"Also, when did advertisements in Windows, and data mining of Windows users become acceptable ?"
This situation will not change and only get worse so long as users remain blinded by Microsoft hype and/or are either too lazy or too ill-informed to switch to Linux. I use Linux for everything, including my admin duties for this site, and the only time I boot up my Windows laptop is to research Windows related member queries. MC - Site Manager.