Don't Buy An Internet Radio. Use This App Instead.


I recently pondered the idea of buying an internet radio for my office.  These stand-alone gadgets look and function like a conventional portable radio, but instead of picking up FM or AM broadcasts, they connect to your own wi-fi network and stream a huge selection of web-based stations.

After considering the idea for a while, I quickly realised that my PC should be quite capable of acting as an internet radio, without the need for me to buy anything new.  Surely there must be a decent free Windows program out there that would fulfil my needs?

Of course, there is indeed such an app.  Many, I suspect.  I settled on something called Radio Tuna ( which does the job admirably.

You can download their desktop client from   It's a 4 MB download, free of viruses according to VirusTotal, and installs quickly and easily.  You can then choose your music genre and, if you don't like the station that it preselects for you, choose from hundreds of others that also fit the bill.

Happy listening.



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Site says I could be hacked if I even go to this site because HTTPS is not valid or has expired.