The best clipboard that's simple yet powerful, extremely fast and light on resources


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Many features, unlimited clips, fast search, multi-user network sync, excellent cursor-only navigation.
Stickies management.

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Ditto is the best clipboard freeware out there and is the only one that fully met my specifications. It's simple yet powerful, extremely fast and light on resources.

It stores unlimited clips in a sqlite database and it has hundreds of settings to play with. To name a few of its features: it has a search box that enables you to find a 3-day-old clipboard within seconds; 3 different virtual clipboards that you can access through dedicated shortcuts; and it has unique network capabilities, making clipboard sharing a reality.

Ditto is actively developed. It is more robust, efficient and flexible than most of its competitors. It will fit the needs of both beginners and advanced users, no matter how they use their computer.

Ditto has been my main clipboard replacement utility for almost two years, and it has never crashed yet. On the downside, it's difficult to use the stickies feature.

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