Display Incoming Tweets As Toaster Popups


A few months ago I wrote about a brilliant Windows freebie called Twittalert, which I regarded as a must-have for those who use Twitter and Windows.  It's a background notifier utility which pops up a small window (known as a toaster, apparently) each time your Twitter feed gets a new message.  Which means you don't need to keep firing up a separate Twitter client or web browser to see what's been happening.

At the time, I contacted the author of the program and suggested that it would be good to have a filter feature, so I could exclude tweets from specific people or which contained certain keywords.  And to my immense delight, the feature has now been implemented.  So if you're a keen user of Twitter but you get fed up with certain sponsored tweets and other promoted content, you can now filter it out.  And this is just one of many new features in the latest release.

Obviously not everyone is a fan of Twitter, but personally I enjoy it.  If you do too, head to http://atomic.x10.mx/products/twittalert/ to download it.  It's less than 1 MB, should work on all recent versions of Windows, and is portable so there's no installation necessary.  And it's malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

And yes you can filter out images too, if you don't particularly like lambs.



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