Discover Undocumented Debug/Diagnostic Menus In Your Android Phone


I'm normally based in the UK, but for the past couple of days I've been in Spain on a business trip.  I took my Android smartphone with me, to use as a phone and also as a wi-fi enabled web browser.  But I needed to ensure that I had fully disabled the 3G data service, as my monthly contract in the UK doesn't include any data allowance while roaming.  A friend of mine recently ran up a bill of some $500 in just a week, because she took her UK phone to France for a week and forgot to turn off data roaming!

There are, of course, various settings in Android to disable data roaming.  But I recently discovered a hidden "testing" menu, built into the OS, which does a much more thorough job.

From your Android phone, dial *#*#4636#*#* and then wait a couple of seconds.   The testing menu will appear.  To exit back to your normal phone, just press your back/exit button.  If you're going to explore the various options on the testing menu, take care.  Many of my friends and colleagues have tried this on their own phones, and no one has had a problem.  But you never know.   

As for the method to turn off data, select the first option on the testing menu (phone information), then press your menu key.  You'll see a selection of buttons, one of which says "disable data connection".  Press it, and you're all done.  To re-enable your data connection, go to the same menu, where you'll find that the name of the button is now "enable data connection".



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I have a Lenovo A390 - the screen comes up nicely, and the "enable" option is shown on a menu - BUT it never actually "enables" - hitting enable has no effect, and calling up the menu again just still has the "enable" option.

This used to work great for data, but has now stopped.