Discover Thousands Of Hidden Tweaks And Settings For Chrome


You can't help noticing that Chromebooks are everywhere nowadays.  These devices look like standard laptops, but they run Chrome OS instead of Windows or any other operating system.  Chrome OS is basically a complete operating system built into a web browser, capable of booting a computer and providing access to a host of web-based services.

Which probably makes you wonder just how close to a fully-fledged OS the Chrome browser really is, when you run the standard Windows version on your PC.  And the answer seems to be "closer than you might ever have thought".

Inside the standard Google Chrome browser, running on your PC, is an entire eco-system which runs individual web sites and tabs in their own protected areas, much like Windows runs programs.  Chrome may not be officially described as an OS, but it sure looks like one on the inside.

If you want to take a look around, it's easy.  There are loads of hidden internal URLs that will take you to the innards of your browser, and for simplicity they all start with chrome:// as a prefix.  For example, type chrome://memory into your browser to see how each of the system's tabs is using your PC's memory.

If you want to know about all the different chrome:// URLs that you can explore, this is incredibly easy.  Just type chrome://chrome-urls and you'll get the entire list.  Most of them are hyperlinks so you can click straight through to them.  Some are considered risky or dangerous, however, and are not hyperlinks.  You'll need to type or paste them directly, once you understand the risks of doing so.



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Sorry, but will a chromeBOX run an Android, Linux or Windows and/or Google only apps or just Chrome OS apps? I'M so-o-o confused!!