Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzle


Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzle

Solve 12 dino puzzles with 4 levels of difficulty for kids


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4 levels of difficulty from about 25 to 100 pieces, sound effect, solve one piece or the whole puzzle, create own puzzles.
Less 3D design, menu not kids friendly, size of own puzzle files generated by the program is quite big.

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Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzle comes pre-installed with 12 dino pictures for kids. Choose one to start a game, then adjust to any of the 4 levels of difficulty (from under 25 pieces to over 100). Each piece successfully fitted is greeted each time by a pleasant sound.

Really can't fix a piece at a certain stage? Then let the program solve a piece one at a time, or even the whole puzzle. The program reveals time spent on each game.

Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzle is more than a puzzle of dinosaur pictures. It allows you to make your own jigsaw puzzle from your lovely photo collection or favorite pictures in jpg, gif or bmp formats. A standalone executable file will be generated by the program for running or sharing the puzzle of your choice with friends and relatives.

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