Nicely designed software appealing to amateur and professional photographers


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Pros & Cons:

Could easily be a contender for the first place with a host of features aimed at the professional end of the market.
Large download size; Not really stable in the Windows version; Several features may not work properly such as camera auto detection, right click face tagging, etc.

Our Review:

digiKam was built for Linux but there is also a Windows version. It is difficult to load effectively in Windows - but it can be done, even though it is not as stable in Windows as in Linux.

It is very much work in progress: new features and add-ins are on offer all the time and even if you didn't choose it right now, you might want to bookmark the link to the DigiKam website because I have a feeling it will be offering even more very shortly.

However, like my other rated products, digiKam is packed with useful features. It is a very good, nicely designed piece of software which should appeal to serious amateur and professional photographers alike.

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