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Photo management suite - viewer, organizer, editor, slideshow, calendar; Has a separate editor, ShowFoto; Very good manual and Wiki; Raw support including Exif and Makernotes; Batch processing; Sharing of images.
Very large download and program because it installs a suite of KDE programs without asking permission! Windows version is less stable (Linux version is more stable) - sometimes it won't even install correctly; Raw processing previews can't be split screen.

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digiKam is called a "photo management application" and is more like a photo organizer. The editing options are advanced but it could also be classed as a suite. In the end I classified it under the Advanced Editor because it has many advanced editing features: Raw processing, support for more than 1,200 digital camera models, editing Exif and other meta-data, sharing images on social media, has a Light Table for comparing similar images, and provides batch processing. It also has an editor module called ShowFoto.

ShowFotoShowFoto can be run separate to digiKam which will save you some memory. digiKam with one image loaded used 350MB and ShowFoto 115MB.

Warning: Like GIMP, digiKam is a stable Linux application first and a less stable Windows version second. I did not have any problems in Windows 8.1 so it has become much more stable than when I last used it. If you decide to use it then test it well to confirm it is stable on your system before committing to it.

The manual/handbook and the online tutorials are very good which will help to reduce the learning curve.

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From their documentation they only describe one thing you can do with "batch mode" and that is convert RAW image files to some other format. That's a very limited batch mode, compared, eg, to PhotoFiltre.
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