A Desktop Client for Youtube


As anyone will tell you, the benefit of cloud computing means that all your information is held online and can be accessed from any computer or other device with nothing more than a web browser.  You don't need any special software installed.

Which is, of course, one of the reasons why Youtube has been so successful.  You can access it from any computer or smartphone, with no need for a dedicated client application.

And yet, much to my surprise, someone has now gone to the bother of writing a dedicated Youtube client app for Windows.  It's free, it's called Go Videos, and you can get it from http://www.go000.com/goVideos/goVideosinfo.html

Go Videos runs on Windows XP and above.  The initial download is only 0.25 MB, but it does appear to download another megabyte or 2 when you run the installer.  Plus, it requires the Adobe Air framework, which you'll also need to download and install if you don't already have it.

So, is it worth the bother?  Yes, probably.  Once you've typed a word or phrase into the search box, up comes 35 images depicting the top hits.  Which makes it prettier and more flexible than the Youtube web site, I reckon.  Needless to say, clicking on one of those thumbnails takes you straight to the full video on Youtube.

Is this the start of a trend?  Will we see desktop client apps for Google Docs, Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook and so on?  While such things make a lot of sense on smartphones, where the full-screen browser experience just doesn't work, I'm not so sure about doing it for Windows.  If it does happen on a big scale, it will change the cloud computing concept forever.


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