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designevo logo designerIf you take a look at most company logos, they generally consist of an image and some text and not much else. Sure, the image itself and the text's typeface need to be carefully chosen, as does the layout and the colour, but the essential building blocks are pretty standard.

And yet designing a logo is often quite hard in most software packages, because they're overly complicated and not really geared up (or down) to the task.

If you need a logo, take a look at Design Evo. It's a really clever free web-based system that's purely for designing logos. Choose from the huge collection of images and typefaces, move things around, select a colour scheme, and then view your logo on some mockups of books, restaurant menus, documents, and so on.

When you're happy, download your logo for free and use it as you wish.

The system is free to use. Downloading your logo is free in return for a like on social media.

You'll find the system at so give it a go.

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