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License: Free (Limited features)

Pros & Cons:

A huge catalog with millions of music tracks, stream music based on the music you liked, synchronized lyrics, across platforms.
Premium features require a paid subscription.

Our Review:

Deezer Music is made available in more than 180 countries and has a huge catalog containing more than 36 million music tracks. It’s hard to believe that you can’t find a good song from this rich resource.

You will need an account to run Deezer. If you don’t have one, simply sign up a free account with your Facebook, Google+ or email credentials.

Depending on the version of Deezer you use, you'll need to select your favorite music genres and artists when starting off a new account. You can then tap “Start Flow” to stream music from its catalogue based on the music you liked.

"Flow" is a free and decent feature of Deezer. On top of this, it recommends new releases of music, top playlists and mixes. If you like any of them, simply tap the Favorite icon to add to your Favorite Tracks, or from the menu, add to a user-defined playlist in the library for playback.

If you like music with lyrics too, tap the Mic icon to display synchronized lyrics where available when you listen to a track.

Unfortunately the free account has some restricted usage and bars you from accessing certain music tracks. If you have some mp3 files in your computer, nevertheless you can upload them via the web version so that they are accessible across multiple devices with your Deezer account.

While basic features are free and sufficient to most users, a paid subscription to Deezer offers you premium features that allow you to listen to all tracks, download music for offline listening, access to high quality sound and be free from intermittent ads.


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