Dashlane - A Very Impressive Password Manager


I've recently been trying out a relatively new password manager called Dashlane, and I have to admit to being rather impressed.

To get Dashlane, head to www.dashlane.com and download it.  The basic edition, which has all the features you're likely to need, is free.  It runs under Windows and supports popular browsers such as IE, FireFox and Chrome.  The installer is a 1.5 MB download, and VirusTotal reckons it's clean of all malware.

Once you've installed Dashlane, you continue using the web as normal.  However, when you log into a password-protected web site, Dashlane will pop up a window asking if you want it to remember the username and password you just used.  Next time you go to the login page of that web site, there's no need to type those details again - Dashlane will log you straight in.

In my fairly limited tests, I have to admit that Dashlane performed very well indeed.  It did, as it claims, remember all the passwords I asked it to, and logged me back into the sites just fine.  And although I don't have any major worries about allowing it to store my personal information (it's only ever stored on your own PC, never on their servers), I would always suggest that you keep a copy of such data safely written down somewhere, just in case you lose your Dashlane installation and, with it, all of your logins.

As well as storing and automatically typing usernames and passwords, Dashlane can also store your name, address, date of birth, and even your credit card details, ready to re-enter into any web site that you've previously used them with.  I am yet to be convinced that large numbers of people will use such a feature.  But as for remembering and retyping passwords and usernames, Dashlane does a top-notch job and could be very useful indeed,




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