It's great fun using this image editor with necessary tools and a built-in camera function


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License: Free (Limited features)
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Easy to use GUI, many editing tools, built-in camera function and fun to use.
Fewer built-in effects and borders than some other apps but more can be downloaded free.

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I had great fun using the Cymera image editor. Although it doesn't have as many effects and filters as Pixlr and PicsArt, Cymera has all necessary tools to enhance your photos besides cropping, rotating and straightening out an image.

In the Effects tab, there are options to add a border, lighten or add a filter to your image, as well as a blur tool; in the Correct tab, there are tools to improve your image by adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness as well as a handy auto level tool; and to the fun part of the app, in the Decoration tab, you can apply a good number of stickers and text to your images as well as paint/draw on them.

Cymera has some beauty tools: slim yourself, cover blemishes with the concealer tool or even add makeup. There is also a tool to make your eyes bigger although I thought it made me look like an alien but each to their own. There is even a tool to give your subject a smile which I thought worked well. In the Beauty tab, there is also a fun hairstyle tool to try different hairstyles, for girls though as there are only female hairstyles.

Cymera has a built-in camera function so you can take a photo and edit it straight away in the app or even better edit it before you take it by using one of the many shoot modes like fish eye or collage. The camera function supports a timer and anti-shake.

Last but by no means least, Cymera has a really functional image viewer to help you find images easier, via either date, name, face or location tag, for editing. All these features packed in a very attractive easy to use GUI, and you can download more effects, borders, stickers and hairstyle for free.

Unfortunately there's no built-in share option in this app apart from logging into an optional Cymera account.

This app contains in-app purchases for more features. Besides for Android, it also runs on the iPhone.

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