Cube 2: Sauerbraten


Cube 2: Sauerbraten

Blast everyone you see with breath-taking graphics at break neck speeds


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License: Free (Open source)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free First-Person Shooter

Pros & Cons:

Map editor, tons of maps.
Not many weapons.

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Online: Yes
Singleplayer: Yes
Registration: None
Popularity: Medium


Sauerbraten throws realism to the wind. With breath-taking graphics (that can be disabled if you have a slow machine) you run around at break neck speeds, and blast everyone you see, unless of course you are in a team game mode.

Sauerbraten has 15 game modes and 7 completely different weapons. One of the funniest game modes is called instagib, where you get a rifle with unlimited rounds, and die in one hit. This makes for lightning game-play which is not found anywhere else.

The game's key buying factor is not the game-play however. It is the innovative level editor which allows anyone with a vision and minimal skill to create a masterpiece. Players can work together on the same map over the Internet with its own special game mode. And every player has an equal opportunity to submit his/her map to the creators to be included in the next version of the game.

This has spawned the most unique and interesting levels in any game up to date. Unfortunately, without an auto-download feature, you won't see many casual, user created maps on the big servers.

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