Create Your Own Online Database Apps, Online. For Free.


To create a web-based online database application, you need to know things like HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.  Or at least, you used to.  Because a fascinating new site claims to make it so easy to create online database apps that you don't need to know any programming at all.

Everything's done in a point-and-click way.  You can build your app online in your browser, or download the Windows program and do it all from the comfort of your PC.

As you can see from the chart below, a starter account on the Viravis system ( is free, and gives you up to 1,000 records in your database and 100 MB of storage space. 

Before setting out to develop your next business idea on a site such as this one, though, remember that you'll be tying yourself to the Viravis plaform for the life of your project, as you can't download the code for your application in order to host it elsewhere in the future.  However, an online, free point-and-click way to develop simple database-oriented applications sounds like something that's definitely worth trying out, even if only for fun.



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