Create Your Own Digital Signage System For Free


Oozo Digital Signage SystemHave you noticed how printed signs and posters are rapidly being replaced by computer screens? The timetable boards at your local train station perhaps. The informational posters in your city library. Health info at your local hospital. The menu boards in your local burger joint even.

The term for all those screens is "digital signage". Creating a digital signage system for your home, school or office generally requires specialist software which can be expensive. But a new system called Oozo has made it cheaper. Free, in some cases.

To create one or more digital signs, start by signing up with Oozo at for a free account. Then go to and download the software to install on any spare PC that you have lying around. It needs internet access, but doesn't have to be particularly powerful.

Once you've installed the software on one or more computers and linked it to your Oozo account, you can start creating content and pushing it out to the remote displays. Everything is done via a web interface, so there's no need to do anything else on the display machines once they're up and running with the Oozo software.

You can link your Oozo account to your web site, your social media accounts, or some image files. They'll then be displayed on the remote screens.

The free account at Oozo means that you'll get ads alongside your displayed content. But if you can live with that, it's a fun way to create your own TV channel in your house or office. If you're running a conference or meeting at work, for example, set up an Oozo screen that displays the Twitter account for the meeting. Then your participants can live-tweet their comments and have them instantly displayed for all to see.

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