Create Your Own Custom Windows Cursor


You've probably come across web sites before, usually advertised via irritating popups, that offer to download dozens of new, pointless cursors onto your computer.  Such features are generally best avoided.  Having loads of cursors on your PC, in the shape of cartoon characters and other designs, is a waste of space.

However, if you want to create just a single custom cursor for your PC, it's easy to do.  You don't need to rely on any of those garish sites.  Instead, everything you need is either available free online or built into Windows.  Here's what you need to do.

First, head to and design your cursor, using the free online tool.  It's quick and easy to use.

When you're done, click the Save button and save the cursor design onto your PC as a .cur file.

Next, head to your Windows control panel and click on the Mouse section.  Then click on the Pointers tab, and choose which cursor you want to redefine.  Then browse to your .cur file and select it.  Your PC now has a custom cursor, which will remain active until you go back into the control panel and choose the Use Default button instead.

Changing your cursor is a fun way to customise your computer.  Also, if you have trouble seeing the standard cursor, this technique lets you redefine it as something which is easier for you to locate on screen.






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