Create Your Own Captions For Any Youtube Video


You've probably seen those videos which consist of foreign-language clips that have been complemented (or frequently ruined) by someone's attempt to add hilarious captions to them.  Many of them seem to feature a particular scene from a film called Downfall.  If you've ever thought that you could do better, here's a great web-based system which makes it easy to add captions to any video that's already on Youtube.  Just type in the video's URL, and then enter your captions in the boxes that appear.  

You can preview and refine your efforts until you're happy with them, and then publish them on the site for friends and family to (hopefully) laugh at.

To find out more, just head to in your browser.





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There are a few such services available, you do not really need them. Here are some details. I am wondering what is the legal status of using these youtubes. Is there anyway of searching youtube for royalty free videos?