Create Your Own Animated Cartoon, Just By Typing


Go Animate ( is a web site where you can create your own short animated films.  Or, to be more accurate, where you can create new dialogue for the read-made films that are already on the site.  Still, it's a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon, and an interesting educational tool for children who like to see their writing brought immediately to life.

Getting started is easy and free.  Once you've logged into the site, just pick from the library of films, and choose your characters.  Then type your dialog, line by line.  The in-buit text to speech facility does the rest, merging your chosen words with the animation and music that's already there.

Upgrading to the paid-for account is pretty expensive, at some $58 per year, and brings you a lot more movies and characters to choose from.  But the free account is perfectly usable, and worth exploring if you like such thing.

Note: If you have trouble with the site, try a different browser.  In my tests, key components and buttons didn't show up in Chrome but worked just fine with Internet Explorer.



A Schifreen Films Production. Director: Robert Schifreen.



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