Create A Spectacular Toolbox Using A USB Thumb Drive


Have you ever wanted to carry a digital home away from home on your keychain or in your pocket? No? This article might change your mind.

I have a few USB thumb drives floating around. I don't use them often.
I would rather pull what I want from my online storage. Its easier than trying to move data from one computer to another.

This article over at Maximum PC made me decide I could turn a thumb drive or two into a toolbox. I say that because the article de-mystified the whole process with step by step photos and directions.
Instead of "encrypt a thumb drive", there are clear directions and good photos showing how.
To encrypt a thumb drive, you need to install Truecrypt, Create a Volume, Mount the Volume, and make the drive bootable.
Not hard if you follow the directions in the article.

Next up is adding applications to create a Portable Office. There are links to varying pre-loaded packages.
Once the Portable Office is installed, utilities are added to the USB thumb drive that make it a Hard Drive Repair Kit, a System Tune Up tool, a Media tool and some other handy things.

I couldn't find what size USB thumb drive is needed for all the tools. 
It was suggested to make the drive one or two gigabytes when creating the volume. I couldn't find any further mention, or whether any or all sections were included in that number.
It would be great if each application had its approximate size listed. Some people might want a few programs and some the whole package.
You can put the programs individually on smaller drives if you have some you need to use.

There is a good bit of advertising on the site, most of it runs down a column on the right.

The article is written in 6 pages, so you read and click, read and click, on and on......

Or, you could do what I do - find the 'Print' button on the front page of the article and click on it.
Usually a window will open (a pop up window) displaying the whole article with little or no advertising.
If a print dialog box pops up, click Cancel, unless you want to print the article.
That's it.

Create A Thumb Drive Toolbox

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