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Image of map with blue dots serving as locations on a computer screen and smart phone

Create your own useful and beautiful maps with this free site - it's easy to use and has some great features. You can create maps for general areas or a specific address, add descriptions and categories, and include your web site and even your own logo. All maps are designed to work perfectly across smartphones, tablets and computers. There are custom fields for your email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Phone numbers, Twitter, YouTube and a few other items. You can embed your map on your website, create your own feed and include a URL and even a video if you like. Each map gets its own URL so it's easy to share, no long URL's to remember. MapMe also keeps track of your places for you. MapMe says about their service:  "We empower anyone to build smart and beautiful maps for free and without any coding required. Whether it’s to create a vibrant online community or to visualize places mentioned in a blog post, the Mapme platform gives everyone the power to create beautiful and smart maps." I have to agree. :)
Note: You'll need to create a free account to use Mapme, the usual email address and password are all that's required. :)

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You're quite welcome, and thank you for the additional information. :)

Thank you for this article. This looks very promising. I contacted Philipe via their IM... and learned that Mapme also has ROUTE OPTIMIZATION features... however their not documented yet. Appreciate notice of Mapme! ~ Alan