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This Is Sand converts the pixels on your screen into colorful digital sand that flows, falls, layers and forms shapes like real sand. Create an endless array of landscapes and designs in your browser or mobile device. Visit the gallery for inspiration and ideas or submit your own creation to a gallery of thousands of sandscapes created by others.

This Is Sand is a gentle and relaxing site/app that you can use to create sandscapes with colored sand. Listen to the sound of the sand flowing while you use color to build shapes, landscapes and designs.

Using the site is pretty straightforward, the left mouse button pours the sand. You can use solid colors or use a generated palette to create color gradients. Choose colors by selecting the round button in the upper right to open the color picker. Select a solid color or click on the randomize button (looks like a target) to generate a palette. The ? button in the color picker opens Tips.

Clicking on the hamburger menu in the top left opens a panel where you can turn off sound and auto-flow, see tips, and look at the latest and most popular creations. Clicking Finish will share your creation to the gallery. Discard starts a new sandscape, and cancel returns to the original screen.

This Is Sand uses Flash so you may have to enable Flash or allow Flash to play when you use the site. There are ad free apps for iOS and Android (with in app purchases for extra features).

Creating sandscapes is an engrossing and calming activity, though if you have a large monitor, filling the screen takes time and can become tedious. Using one part of the screen worked better for me. Shapes are defined by the properties of the sand, but the gallery showcases an amazing amount of ways it's been used to create sandscapes.

This Is Sand

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