Create Reminders On Your Desktop. No Software Required.


Sometimes I like to be able to put a quick, short reminder on my Windows desktop.  However, I've never really been a fan of "sticky note" apps.  Where do they store their data?  What happens if I accidentally delete a note?  Will all my notes still be there next time I start up my PC, or do I have to remember to run the sticky note app again before they appear?

When you think about it for more than 20 seconds, you realise that Windows has had the ability to put reminders on your desktop built into the operating system ever since it allowed support for long filenames.  Yes, some of us are old enough to remember when Windows and MS-DOS only allowed 8 characters in a name, plus a 3-character extension.  

To create a reminder note, just right-click your desktop, choose New Folder, and create an empty folder whose name is the text of the reminder you want.  And that's all there is to it!  Alternatively, create a new text document in the same way, to get a different icon.  

Your reminders are guaranteed to appear next time you log into Windows, and if you accidentally delete one you'll find it in the standard recycle bin.




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I have had one eye out for something for a long time, and have not found it yet.
It would allow you to compose your desktop image -
You would place notes, or images, or draw/paint on it, etc.
Whilst in the composing mode you can edit/delete or interact/modify/update the lists/notes on the 'desktop'. When you finish the edit session, it then becomes the desktop. Actually it would be like a screenshot of your compose window.
There would be no danger of accidentally modifying the desktop (because it is now a screenshot). There would be an icon in the SysTray to get into modify mode.

Anyone know of such a program ?

Possibly. Sort-of. I'll write it up later today.

I've been doing this for quite some time (over 2 years) and I discovered this little trick by mistake. I happen to one day right-click on desk-top and open a new folder and after I deleted it I realized that I could write, in the rename area, what ever I wanted and us it as a "sticky note". I also use the right click "new document" when what ever i want to write is a little more extensive. Good to know that i was not the only one doing this cheat......

Clever (works in Linux too, of course). But I'm addicted to Tomboy Notes.

I prefer to have a single text file, which you open each time to add another line with your To Do
Keep all the To Do's in that one file.
By all means have a shortcut to that file on your desktop or in the Start Menu.
If anyone wishes, I will write a VB6 program that can have an icon in the SysTray (aka Notification Area), which can open your text file with a single click of the Icon.

PS Most of my programs are 'portable' (meaning they do not require installation).
PPS No doubt this site has a review of existing programs that can do similar, and could point to your text file.

I've been doing this for years but have a notepad file where the icon has been changed to a big red exclamation mark so it stands out. I just rename the file whatever it is I need to remember.

i use reminders a lot (old fart) and the easiest reminder deal i have found is called kana reminder. is free and small. works great on win7

always enjoy gizmos newsletter and posts..thanks

Why bother making a new folder? I just print my reminder in notepad then name it date & time I.E. Mar12 6pm.txt
It can also have multiple task for the same date so name it Mar12.txt When its task is done simply delete it.

Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant. And the filenames can be 255 or 6 characters in length. In the old days of DOS it would have been PUTtheCA.Tou

Love it.

This is ingenious. If using the folder icon, one can then use a program like Folder Marker Free to give them different colours.
Both avast! Antivirus & Malwarebytes Anti-malware show the program to be clean.
Edit: The coloured folder icons in Folder Marker Free are Windows XP icons!

Funnily enough I created just such a reminder only four days ago. I find a text document useful for any additional 'stuff' like quite why you are going to see your doctor. An excellent backup to the rather nice free cross platform and portable Rainlendar.