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This web based service allows anyone with little or no design experience to create professional looking posters, reports, flyers, infographics and presentations with easy to use design tools.

Piktochart is a web based design tool that comes with an extensive set of functions that can tailor any of the free themed templates to your needs, or you can start with a blank template to create high quality projects.
This free service has a surprising amount of high quality elements to choose from. Insert ready to use charts, maps and videos (from Vimeo and YouTube) or pick from many background colors, patterns and textures, resizable graphics, shapes, icons, photo frames and text frames.
Photos can be inserted from Unsplash and photos by Pictochart designers. You can also upload your own JPG, PNG, GIF, or SVG files. Free accounts have a 40MB image upload limit.

There aren't a lot of free themed templates to choose from but they can be extensively customized with the many design elements. There are twelve themed presentation templates, twelve infographic templates, and nine printable templates. 

All the tools are relatively easy to use - insert or delete items or drag and drop any elements on the page where you want them. You can share your project with a custom URL, and projects can be downloaded as normal or medium quality PNG files (higher quality downloads in PNG or PDF formats come with paid accounts).
If you download your project as blocks (zip file), there's a watermark image in the folder that can be removed if you don't want to display it.
Downloading your project without the blocks option inserts the watermark automatically and it's included as part of the finished project.

You'll need a free account to use the service. Enter an email address and password then make your way through the ubiquitous CAPTCHA to start. To get to the dashboard, pick answers from the drop down menu. Piktochart really, really wants to send Insider Inspiration, Essential Tips and Product News to your Inbox.
If you don't wish to receive emails, click the 'No, Thanks' button and then Submit. You may need to say 'No, Thanks' more than once. The request to send email appears on any page you visit unless it's disabled.
Disabling the offer is easy. Go to Account Settings/Notifications and uncheck the boxes. Make sure to click the Save Changes button or your changes won't be saved.

Piktochart has some impressive design elements and the tools are easy to find and identify. It's easy to use but you may need to do a little looking around to find what you want. Creating a professional looking project can be done by most of us in a relatively short time. If you need to create something quickly and want an easy to use tool that creates high quality results, give it a try.


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