Create a PIP Photo with a Tap of Your Finger


PIP Camera iconPIP Camera

There're apps to make collages of photos, or place several select photos side by side and merge them in one file.

But taking photos to another spin like picture in picture or PIP, the best bet is to use an app that is specifically designed for this need.

Among many similar apps, PIP Camera is a strong contender and it's produced by the same developer of the all-purpose and popular photo editor FotoRus.

With just a snap, your photo is automatically created with a blurred background and a focused picture contained in a frame you choose.

You don't need to be an expert to add layers to create a PIP photo, but are able to do it with just a tap of your finger with this creative and awesome camera app that runs on Android, iPhone and iPad mobile devices.

PIP Camera



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This is not a free app! When trying to d/l it onto my iphone, it wanted to charge me.

Don't have this problem on Android ;D.