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Went to this site in Google Chrome and was told to enable Adobe Flash. Chrome by default disables Adobe Flash which means having to go through

Update despite according to the documentation Google Chrome will not prompt you to allow you to run Flash on certain sites. I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out what setting was incorrect in Chrome. There was nothing wrong with the settings. It appears that Google has another bug in their code. As mentioned on the linked page:

"The icon will either be a lock icon if the connection is using HTTPS or it’ll be an information icon if the connection is non-secure. When you click on this icon, you’ll see a bunch of settings you can configure for that particular site. Towards the bottom will be Flash. By default, it should be set to Use global default (Ask), which means the browser should ask you if you want to enable Flash for a site that has Flash content.

However, in my experience, the browser never actually asks me to enable Flash content even when there is clearly Flash content on the website. So, I have to basically select the Always allow on this site option in order for Flash to work."

Once I enabled the "Always allow on this site option" the site loaded properly.