Create An Instant Temporary Email Address In 1 Click

You know the problem.  You're signing up to a new web site to check it out, but the site wants you to enter your email address.  And you're just not yet ready for that level of commitment.  They might send you spam, or sell your details.
Without an email address, the site won't let you sign up.  So what you need is a new email address, that you can use for this site and then never bother checking again.
And surprising though it may seem, getting such an address is incredibly quick and easy.  
One of my favourite suppliers of disposable email addresses is Air Mail, which you'll find at  Visit the site and you'll see a temporary email address displayed.  If you don't like it, click the button to request a new one.  And that's all there is to it!
Keep the Air Mail window open.  Copy the displayed email address to your clipboard.  Switch to the window of the site you want to register with, and paste in "your" new email address.  If the site wants to send you a verification code in order to validate your email address, flip back to the Air Mail window and the message will be waiting for you on the screen.  It's that simple.
These truly are temporary, disposable addresses.  Don't use them for sending anything confidential, as they're readable by pretty much anyone.  And you can't send messages from them - they're purely for receiving.  But as a way of signing up for a web site, special voucher offer, or with any company that you're not yet ready to trust with your real address, they're great.
And if you don't think that Air Mail is for you, I've got another similar system for you to try tomorrow.  So watch this space.

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I usually do as "ixan" does. The only time I've ever had a Gmail address turned down is a forum where they were spammed from a Gmail address or once in a great while an antispam software has it's settings too tight or uses a list that is taken as Gospel.

10 years ago I created an account at to fight spam and I've never ever looked back. A real gem in it's kind.

I have had email account for ten years with I use it only for signing in to new sites and never for anything else at all. It very rarely gets spam, but who cares? Recently some sites have rejected it, I don't think they like the .fm, so I got a gmail one for the same purpose. Gmail wanted a link to another email address, so they got the .fm one. Nothing leads anywhere and it's a better option than a disposable one as you still have info on it if you need it for later use.

Email addresses are very easy to need to go through all of this. All you do is type something on the left side of an ampersand (@) and make up an ISP for the right. That's how spammers do it. My nominal fake email is nothanks@..................

@ HenWin,
Good luck at getting your verification email or using it as a password recovery address. Fake Email addresses is not what this is about. It's about an address to receive verification of an address used when registering, and to also not expose yourself until you feel the site is legit, NONE of which a FAKE address does. A disposable address at the time of use was a deliverable address, whereas a fake is, was and never will be, by default.

Unfortunately, more and more sites protect themselves against disposable mail adresses,
The check the domain name of the email adress agianst a list of known disposabel email sites.

That said, these sites are sitll very usefull for the remaining sites

I haven't tried this one yet, but in the website FAQ's, it says "we regularly swap our domain names and server ip addresses" to help prevent the problem you cite.

This doesn't mean much because most sites use an automated third party block list. As these are updated regularly you are only likely to gain an acceptance if you happen to use an address that has only just changed. A short time later and this too will be on the block list. MC - Site Manager.
Gizmo's Freeware also has this policy as do the majority of sites where comments are permitted or a forum exists. Doing so reduces spam and trolling and with it the burden on our volunteer moderators. MC - Site Manager.

Sounds easy to use. I don't know how old it is but some sites have a list of email sites it won't allow you to use. After 3 or so tries I usually give up. Like stated, most anyone can see and read your biz, I'm always worried how some sites will send login info included in the verification email and there's noway to know which ones will or won't. Then there is the "if they use the email address you provided as your login and the password recovery address", how long do you wait before changing it to something practical preponderance.

The last point you made is a good one. Password recovery won't be possible with a disposable account so since you will have to create a permanent address for that feature why not just do so from the get-go.