Create Great-Looking Collages From Your Photos


If you end up taking lots of photos this Christmas, you might wish to consider creating a collage from some of them.  A collage is a single image that consists of a collection of other images, suitably arranged, with perhaps a background image and a caption too.   You can then print that collage to create a nice poster,  or use it as the basis for a greeting card.
PhotoSpills is a Windows program that makes it easy to create collages from your photos.  Just select one of the built-in designs, choose the folder that contains the images you want to use, and that's pretty much all there is to it.  The program will then produce your collage as a single image for printing or sharing on the web.
You'll find PhotoSpills at and it's a download of around 12 MB.  The program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.  Note that you'll need to register in order to use it once the program is installed.  Applying for a licence key is free, with the option to add a $5 donation to a charity of the program developer's choice if you wish.
The PhotoSpills program itself does, to be fair, look a little old-fashioned.  But it's quick and easy to use, the results it produces are good, and I tested it on Windows 10 with no problems.


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This is nice, worked fine here on Win7 x64.

It's old-fashioned install and use, but as Rob says it's easy to use and has a nice set of default layouts to choose from.

My quick play with it indicates that the photos in the folder you select for the collage may end up placed in the layout according to the dates of the photo files--although that might also be coincidence. But there is a "random" tick box, which suggests that if that's left unticked, then there is an order in which the individual pics are placed.

That could be useful if you wanted a particular pic to be the center piece, or top-left or wherever--change the file date(s) to get what you want.

I kept getting an error message box "no images match the design", but it didn't affect program operation. ETA it's explained in the FAQ, saying it didn't find enough portrait or landscape photos to use in the layout design. I guess it cropped some photos to make them fit.
[including FAQ link triggered spam block here]

There are a lot of extras which I didn't look at. Good find, Rob.

I consider this to be one of the very best finds I've ever seen here. Not only is PhotoSpills a really great piece of software that is precisely what I've been looking for to replace my beloved but antiquated and no-longer-developed ACDSee FotoSlate but it is offered/developed by a group that is dedicated to improving our World.

This is NOT freeware in its purest sense --you can save only one project before being "forced" to register it by providing a working email address to receive the code key. However, upon landing on its registration page, you are greeted with the options to get your FREE license and/or to make a very modest $5.00 donation to one of three charities: Hawk Watch International, Wounded Warrior Project or Water for Life.

Pardon my gushing but I am so impressed with the generosity and character of those who are developing and giving away this feature rich, elegantly designed, fun-to-use software, I had to say something.

Thanks for the find, Rob.