Create And Share A Spreadsheet Online


Free online spreadsheet sharing serviceThere are many online services that allow you to create and share documents and notes online. But RowShare ( is something new. It lets you create and share spreadsheets.

OK, you're now probably thinking that spreadsheets are for business people and you don't really need to share your accounts with anyone. But RowShare is much prettier than your accounts system, and comes with dozens of ready-made templates so you can share to-do lists, party guest lists, restaurants, staff directories, and much more.

The basic plan is completely free, and you can sign up really quickly with your Google or Facebook account.

So next time you want to share information with friends, family or colleagues, and you don't need the complexity of a full-scale collaboration system, give RowShare a try. It looks, and is, a lot more fun than Google Sheets.

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