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Easily handles multiple projects and only needs to be running when you clock on or off


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Data can be exported to CSV format, times can be adjusted, toolbar and menu options, status bar shows totals in minutes and hours, active task or none, fully portable program with data file ttdata.txt stored in the application directory.
Quirky (buggy) scroll bar behavior, scrolls the tool icons and status line at bottom of the window; no color, font and other customization options.

Our Review: TimeTool is a good simple alternative for Time-keeping software. It's very lightweight, has an extremely easy to use interface and can save to CSV files for import into Excel.

It easily handles multiple projects, and only needs to be running when you clock on or off.

Only one task can be accumulating time at any time while running. Starting a time collection on a task is as easy as clicking on it, and stopping is equally easy, click the stop button, or click another task to start it accumulating time. TimeTool was reviewed by on