The best tricky-site access ability of any FTP client


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Great for tricky sites and when other clients recommended may not work.
Nag Screens.

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Core FTP LE is the Lite version of the commercial product; it has an annoying nag screen on start-up, though, that might put you off. CoreFTP could be the one for you if you need to log on to a site that gives problems, and it also has a massive feature set. Its strength is probably the ease of use for such a powerful app.


CoreFTP has four particular strengths:

  1. the best tricky-site access ability of any FTP client I've used.
  2. an excellent GUI that makes it outstandingly easy to use.
  3. a massive feature set that somehow doesn't slow it down.
  4. good on-screen real-time logging, which not all clients have.

There are sites - especially those with extra security, where it takes about 8 seconds to connect - that cause some FTP clients insurmountable problems; CoreFTP will get you in. I couldn't log on to one site at all with WS_FTP and some of the others, but this one did the trick. The neat on-screen log display also lets you know what's happening if you have problems. You can force-view invisible files, like htaccess. The chmod feature is useful, you can set your directory and file permissions with a very clear interface; ditto the clear and fast site manager. There's a nice one-click reconnect to the last site in use. Navigating to different drives is tricky, though, in Core - so if you have a stack of hard drives that you work from, you should keep this in mind - FileZilla or Tunnelier is better here.

Here is a feature list: HIPAA compliance, SFTP/ SSH, SSL/ TLS, FTP/ HTTP/ SOCKS proxy, IDN, drag 'n drop, site manager, session manager, queue manager, custom screens, bandwidth control, caching, auto-transfer, retry/resume, auto-reconnect options, auto S/key, remote file-searching, advanced directory listings, start/stop/resume of transfers, full recursive chmod, browser integration, site to site transfers, file viewing and editing, firewall support, custom commands, FTP URL parsing, command line transfers, filters. This should be enough for most people. If not, upgrade to the $25 Pro version that that has custom sounds, two-way encryption, ping and trace route, and more.

Core also does a useful-looking Micro FTP Server which can be installed on PCs and used for PC-to-PC transfers.

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