Copy and Paste from any Computer to Another


Most users have encountered the situation where they want to copy some text such as a product license key, from one computer to another.  Often this means having to create a text file and then transferring the file to the other computer using a USB stick or CD. Here's a simple alternative that works:

HeyPasteIt! is a free web service that allows you to paste the text onto a clipboard on their site where it is then stored at a unique address such as   You can then access that clip from another computer using that address, copy the text and then paste it to a file or where ever.

I tried it and it worked well. It even handled multi-page clips. However you can't copy and paste images - it's text only. Another reservation is the site doesn't mention how long the clips are kept for. However my test clips were still available a week after creation and that's more than enough for the intended use.

This site is well worth bookmarking. One day you'll need this.

Thanks to regular contributor Lex Davidson for the suggestion.


Addendum:  HeyPasteIt! is just one of many ways of solving this problem.  In the comments section below you'll find many alternative solutions. So many we really should write an article for the site exploring the options.  Thanks to all who have contributed.

 As ever "there is more than one way to skin a cat."




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