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It is very simplistic and makes reading a book more interesting


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Opens a multitude of formats and has a huge amount of options and settings that goes beyond what you could hope for.
Doesn't read pdf and the automated reading is awful.

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Well I've just downloaded Cool Reader from Google Play Store, so let's see what it can do. According to the blurb it can read a multitude of ebook formats including: epub (non-DRM), fb2, doc, txt, rtf, html, chm, tcr, pdb, prc, mobi (non-DRM) and pml. But how well does it work?

I opened it up and was presented with a wooden bookcase that lists on each shelf: Recent Books, SD Card, Internal Storage, Online catalogs, Find book, Books by author, Books by series, and Books by title. I've just tapped on Recent Books and it's opened up another bookcase with only one book on show and that is the 'Cool Reader Manual'. Let's have a look. Okay, well reading the manual is a straightforward 'slide your finger forwards or backwards' to go backwards and forwards respectively. So, lets have a look at the options when reading a book.

I am now shown six icons; Open file, Go to, Bookmarks, Select Text, Options and More.

Since my last sentence I've just been playing with all the different options, settings, bookmarks, font sizes etc. and let me say, "WOW!!". It has loads of settings that can manipulate reading a book. And they are not fanciful airy options but they do actually make a difference. Did you know it even has an option that allows the book to be read to you? But don't get your hopes up with that. It's no Brian Blessed or Stephen Fry, in fact it's more like a stuttering Star Trek ships' onboard computer. But the thought is there. And at the end of the day I want to read, not listen.

The functionality of Cool Reader is really good. Because there are so many options, reading a book in any of the formats I've mentioned means that you can view them and use them really well. I have a dedicated Sony ebook reader device but running this on Android puts the functionality of that to shame. I have a lot of technical manuals as chm and this app, so far, has opened them well without crashing. The app has four default fonts as standard but it gives you the option of adding more fonts (.ttf) simply by copying them into the Fonts directory created by this app (info on this and a whole lot more can be found in the Cool Reader manual).

So, do I like it? In a word - yes. It gave the impression of being very simplistic when I first opened it and I was dubious and worried about navigating around the app and about what it could do, but I am impressed. It does a hell of a lot. For a free app, it can make reading a book more interesting, so that's a "well done" in my book!

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