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ZonepdfIt's been a while since I wrote about a utility for converting PDF files on these pages, so here's one that's new to me. ZonePDF is an online service that does lots of handy conversions. For example, give it a big PDF file and it'll convert it into a zip file of images, with one image for each page of the original PDF file. Choose from 3 different image qualities. In my tests, a 150-page PDF file resulted in anything between 100MB and 700MB of zipped image files, depending on the quality I required.

You can also convert Word and PowerPoint to PDF, and loads more options too.

The service appears to be free, but you'll need to sign up for an account. There appears to be an implication that you only need to sign up if you want to do more than 2 conversions, but that wasn't the case when I tried it. So if you can't get the conversions to work, sign up. That should fix it.

Needless to say, sending confidential PDF files over the internet to a stranger isn't a terribly sensible idea, so don't use it for your collection of bank statements. But for anything less private, it's a handy tool. Especially as there's nothing to install on your PC.

See to get started.

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Thanks Rob.
I am presently using PDF Candy, but I will try your advice.

I use desktop app from called PDFill. Installs as a 30mb file so not a big footprint and it has just been updated to version 13. Would not be without it.