Convert 1000+ Files for Free With This Online Tool


Convert 1000+ file formats

Use this online tool to convert over 1000 file formats for free.

Converter365 is an easy to use tool that can convert over 1000 different file formats. Upload and convert as many files at a time as you like with no wait period between conversions and no links to download a file. Files to be converted can be uploaded from your device or from a URL.

Converter365 supports converting files in all of these formats:
• Audio
• Image
• Video
• Document
• Ebook
• Presentation
• Spreadsheet
• Vector
• Archive

To use, upload your files, convert them from one file format to another, and download. You can convert multiple files simultaneously. Files sizes can’t be larger than 200 MB per conversion and uploaded files are deleted 30 minutes after conversion. is an online tool, as long as you have an Internet connection, you can convert any files, regardless of the type of device you’re using.

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File Converter ( may have fewer converting options (there are quite a few though), but doesn't need an Internet connection, doesn't have file size limits, and is comfortably available from the right-click menu. As a long time satisfied user, I definitely endorse this program.

I hadn't seen that one, it installs so you don't have to be online, and a right click option is great. :)

Is this coverrter browser specific because I've tried to convert a few SWF files unsuccessfully using both Waterfox and Opera.

I don't think it's browser specific, but I do think there's something in the coding in some browsers that prevents it from functioning. I just tested it in Waterfox current and classic and Iridium and it doesn't work. I don't have Opera installed. It works in Vivaldi, Brave, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Chrome.

Indeed looks useful having all this in one place. But have you tested any of the conversions ? For instance PDF to Word can produce strange results in some hands.

I tested some image and some text conversions. I converted a 16 page PDF file to DOCX with no issues. I agree that PDF to Word conversions aren't usually handled well.

Many thanks - helpful. Will try it.

WHAO! Seems a great find, thank you Ms. rhiannon and Mr. Panzer.

You are welcome.

I'm glad you like it. :)