Concentrate And Stay Calm With Sound Effects And Colours


It's often useful to have some calming influences around you when you're trying to concentrate on working at your PC.  Some people use music, but often this has the unwanted side-effect of causing you to concentrate on the music rather than the work you're trying to do.  Systems such as Focus At Will ( aim to get around this by using scientifically-proven techniques to ensure you hear music that's perfectly suited to the task in hand, although it'll cost you a monthly subscription of around 4 US$ if you don't want to keep hearing the same set of tracks over and over again.

Another option is to search Youtube, where people often upload multi-hour compilations of music to help you concentrate and relax, around a specific theme.  You'll find 10 hours of Celtic music, for example, at

If you prefer sound effects and ambient recordings rather than real music, check out Noisli at instead.  Choose from audio such as forest, coffee shop, wind, rain, water, leaves, and summer night.  Adjust the volume of each track to produce the perfect mix for you.

And relax.




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Also have a look at Atmosphere Lite 7 from Vectormedia Software. It has no monthly subscription & doesn't require an internet connection to use. Noisli does. So does listening to or downloading 10 hours of music from Youtube. Atmosphere Lite has many options & is truly free.