Comprehensive Free PHP Programming Environment Gets Update


Code Lobster is a free IDE (integrated development environment) that helps you write web-based code in PHP, Javascript, CSS and HTML.  Think of it as being rather like Microsoft Visual Studio, but with PHP as its main supported language.  And for what it's worth, Visual Studio doesn't really support PHP at all without add-ons.

Last week, Code Lobster released its latest version, 5.5.  If you've always wanted to try web programming in PHP but have never got around to it, now is a good time to try.  The free version is perfectly adequate for most users, and the download from is around 27 MB.  The program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

Out of the box, the program is a PHP editor with built-in context-sensitive help, command completion, and FTP facilities.  If you have PHP and a web server on your machine, you can run and debug your code locally too, without having to upload it anywhere.  A preview window shows a browser screen so you can see your system in action.


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Sadly, the free version doesn't support JQuery which pretty much makes it useless for me.