Complete The Set. Get A Free Drawing Package.


DrawPlus illustration package for WindowsI've written over the past few days about how to get a free photo-stitching program from Serif Software. Plus, I've told you where to get a free edition of their publishing package. So to complete the set, today I'll tell you about their illustration software. Again, it's a starter edition and completely free.

The package is called DrawPlus.

You'll find the download at and the download runs to around 104 MB. It's malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

llustration software, also known as vector-based drawing software, differs from photo editors because drawings are made up of lines and curves rather than dots (pixels). This makes it easy to tweak a drawing, as you can just pick up any individual object and move or resize it. It also means that you can easily scale your drawing to be as large as you like, without losing definition that would otherwise result in the picture becoming grainy.

Despite being a free starter edition, this version of DrawPlus contains everything you need to try out this way of creating and editing drawings. Although you can't save your creation as a PDF file in this free version, you can export it as an image file in formats such as JPG and PNG. And you can save it as a native Draw Plus file in vector format too, ready to load back into the program to continue editing later.

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