Compare Text Or Files Online To See What Changed


Diffnow.comSometimes I need to be able to compare 2 files. Often it's because a program or script has stopped working, and I need to compare the current version with the previous one in order to see what changed.

There are many free programs on the internet that can perform file comparisons, my favourite of which is something called ExamDiff. I wrote about it a couple of years ago, and you can read that review at

Windows even comes with a free file comparison tool, and has done for many years. It's command-line only, and very basic, but it does work. Just. It's called "fc" if you want to try it.

The other day I noticed that ExamDiff now has an online web-based version, which you can use for free up to 5 times a day (15 if you register). Just paste some text into each of the 2 boxes, or upload 2 files, or even specify 2 URLs. Hit the "Compare" button and in seconds you get a detailed side-by-side listing that shows you what was deleted, added, or changed. Keep bookmarked. You never know when you might need it.

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Per the review, the utility can be downloaded as a program from here. []
However, i noticed that it is NOT compatible with the WIN 10 OS. I suppose one can run the program in compatibility mode then.