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Comodo System Utilities

Besides a browser cleaner, it's also a registry cleaner, disk cleaner, secure file wiper and more


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Huge amount of cleaning options with back-up feature.
Could cause problems if used incorrectly.

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Comodo System Utilities is a great pick for power users. People who want to have control of every aspect of their browser are going to love this as there are options to clean things which other cleaners don't, like favorites and bookmarks. This may be useful if you are using a shared or public computer and want to clear all your tracks. Users must however, be very careful and watch what they delete to prevent removing something they later need like browser history. Nonetheless, never fear as there is a back up feature, something that CCleaner does not include.

One drawback is that the system must be restarted after cleaning which can be a pain. However, the settings can be changed so that a restart is not needed, but this may be something you would not like to do as it turns off one of the three backup features—registry protection. The other two backup features are to create a restore point before cleaning and back up files before cleaning. These backup features included in Comodo System Utilities restored all my files and settings except for my saved website passwords so it is by no means perfect.Comodo System Utilities only supports Internet Explorer at the moment unless users are willing to update the application manually which requires users to delete a certain ini file and then update the application list manual. This will put some people off.

There is much more to this product than just a browser cleaner, there is also a registry cleaner, disk cleaner, secure file wiper, system tweaker and system information. The system tweaker and information tools are a nice addition allowing users to tweak certain system settings and to view advanced system information. The disc cleaner and registry cleaner like the privacy cleaner should be used with caution. I would not recommend the registry cleaner as it found way too many entries for my liking and you would need a considerable level of system knowledge to interpret these correctly. As always with registry cleaners make a backup before hand. If you have a problem with Comodo System Utilities there is a forum dedicated to it over at Comodo Forum. The staff over there are very helpful and quick to answer any query that you may have.

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