Comodo Dragon


Comodo Dragon

A lightweight browser alternative to Google Chrome


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Incorporates the features and abilities of Chrome.
No cross platforms.

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Comodo Dragon is an alternative browser to Google's Chrome. Dragon is based on Chromium technology and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Dragon incorporates the features and abilities of Chrome with enhanced security and privacy from Google.

Comodo is a company focused on Internet Security. You won't see a lot of bells and whistles in the browsers because their focus is behind the scene helping you have a better, safer browsing experience.

The features they do display are generally related to security like Web Inspector and Privacy Dog. Dragon's UI is similar to Chrome but some of the buttons and menu options are different. Install Comodo Internet Security (also free) to run in virtual mode, the equivalent of using a sandbox.

Create an account and sign-in to share your browser settings on the cloud making them available to other computers you may use.

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Like Chrome, this no longer supports XP or Vista.