This Commercial File Manager for Windows is Now Freeware


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If you’re looking for a Windows File Explorer replacement or addition, Altap Salamander is a fast dual pane file manager for Windows. It has an intuitive interface, has viewers for popular file formats, support for common archives, and has built-in FTP and SFTP clients.
Altap Salamander has been around as paid software for some time. They were acquired by civil engineering software developer Fine Software, who then released the program as freeware.

Altap Salamander doesn’t have quite the feature set that Directory Opus (paid program) has, but it comes pretty close. It has features you won’t find in many file managers.
In addition to performing standard file manager tasks like view, copy, edit, delete, rename, it has an extensive set of features. Here's brief list, you can find the whole list here.

  • Built in support for most network protocols such as FTP, FTPS (also known as FTP Secure and FTP-SSL), SCP, SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). Windows shares (SMB protocol) can be mapped to local drives or use UNC paths (\\server\share).
  • Supports most file types including ZIP, RAR, 7-Zip, ISO images, and UDF images.
  • Supports over 40 images types
  • Built in password manager
  • Built in registry editor
  • Choose which viewers, editors and archivers you want to use
  • Work with files that are stored in archives such as 7-Zip without extracting them
  • Change file attributes, change case, convert files, and compare files and directories and view the registry.
  • Change the appearance using the included themes. Choose from the Salamander default, Windows Explorer, Norton Commander, DOS Navigator or create your own color scheme.
  • Choose a skill level for using the program, beginning, intermediate, or advanced. Menu options are adjusted according to the skill level you choose.

The interface is clean and easy to navigate. The toolbar can be configured and has a Right and Left entry to make configuring either window easy. There are extensive configuration options for most areas of the program. The Help section is well developed and can be accessed offline.

You can do almost anything in Salamander with keyboard shortcuts. The list is here and it’s pretty impressive. Salamander also supports Wild Cards. If you find you can’t access certain features, run the program as an administrator.

I found Altap Salamander to be a lightweight, versatile advanced dual pane file manager, a good replacement for Windows File Explorer for most tasks.

Altap Salamander

(h/t The Windows Club)

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I was a big fan of Altap Salamander. But for the last years, it doesn't seem to browse Windows network shares anymore. It just simply doesn't work. So it's of very little use to me now.

Hmmm I wonder why that happened. I'm sorry it doesn't work for you any more.

I just noticed due to severe nearsightedness the picture of the File Manager.

A couple of questions IIM, does this have a ribbon/pictures or good old text?
Not to go off topic, in reference to the man with too many things running in the background on W10, how many do you guys show in Windows Task Manager?


Haven’t had a chance to use this File manager

The most important feature of file management is a search function

Windows OS after Windows XP have had an inferior file search function, with no explanation or apology. As a result, searching for a particular file in a large folder is clunky and inefficient

Really I will only consider a new file manager if it has a good file search feature

The find files (search) with the bonus compare feature work for me.

Just tried it. Cannot believe it was a paid commercial software before. It comes not even close to FreeCommander XE. No multi tab support, no bookmarks.

And that's the beauty of software, paid or free. Not everyone works the same way or wants the same things in a program.
When you find one that works for you, it's a good fit. I'm glad you like FreeCommander XE and it has the features you want in a program.

Thanks, Rhiannon!

I've been looking for a free dual pane browser that is similar to xplorer2 ($$) which I've used in the past, and Altap Salamander seems to fit the bill. Great set of features, but I especially like the layout and its extensive set of configuration options.

You're welcome. :) I like the features and the layout too. It has more options than I would normally use and the available configurations are extensive.

My PCs are old.
I have XP in one, and W10 in the other
When using W10, they had to remove all weapons from my house in case I killed myself (way too much crap running in the background)
Thus I use XP 98% of the time.
If there are others using XP, I have good news and bad news -
- Good, The latest version 3 will install into XP\
- Bad, it says it is in evaluation mode for next month.
I will write to their support, to see if they will give us a key

The version previous to this has support for XP, but they dropped it from the current list of what it runs on in this release.
Thanks for the info, it's very helpful. I hope they respond to you and do something about the evaluation issue.

It's one of the first utilities I put on every new computer. Very much like the old Norton Commander from the DOS days.

Can this be run in parallel with Windows Explorer, or do you have to disable / delete WE to use it?

It doesn't interfere with Windows Explorer, I run them side by side simultaneously with no problems. It doesn't set itself as the default file manager or make any other changes in system settings that I'm aware of.