Coming Soon - Take This $2400 Linux Course For Free


EdX is an amazing web site that offers around 150 courses, from the world's top universities, which you can study, online, completely free.  There are a variety of topics to choose from, as you can see from the screen shot below, and you can take the courses at your own pace.  Just view the online notes and lectures when you want to, and many of them are ready for you to study right now.  Just head to and register (it's all free).

Within the next 2 or 3 months, EdX will launch a course called "Introduction to Linux".  This full course, developed by the Linux Foundation, was previously offered on a commercial basis at $2400, so it's bound to be good.  If you want to sign up now, ready to take it when it's ready, just visit  You can also explore all of the other courses that are ready to study.




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For me it's the education that counts, I don't need a certificate. We're past that stage, it's just 'show us what you know'.
thnx for the find!

The will give you a certificate if you pass the class. It is just not verified. The edX web site says "Employers and schools sometimes want proof of what you have achieved in an online course; a Verified Certificate of Achievement provides that proof."


They still want a contribution of at least $250.

So sorry, but no, sorry.

You don't have to pay the $250. They will provide an unverified certificate for free. I have three(3) so far and I am working on three more. The courses are rigorous and require 7-10 hours or more a week, but definitely worth the effort.

I highly recommend Harvard's CS50, Introduction to Computer Science. Its self paced and their are many video resources.

I do think it would be unfortunate for eikelein's comment to go unqualified (excuse unintentional pun.) EdX is a stunning joint venture by Harvard and MIT; the expertise / experience that goes into its learning provision is outstanding. EdX makes very clear the following:

"EdX courses are free for everyone. Some courses have a fee for ID verified certificates of achievement but are free to audit. Others offer a free honor code certificate of achievement to anyone who meets the completion requirements."

If for the purposes of certified vocational training, some folks actually want all of that for nowt, then they're obviously not that interested in building a career: a qualification that costs nothing is inevitably going to be worth nothing in a competitive employment market.

For those of us looking -- for whatever reason -- to broaden our span of knowledge, EdX is. . . Superb. BIG thanks to Rob for flagging up its existence to a wider audience (and for reminding me to go back and resume a "DemoCourse" I parted company with some time back due to pressure of other commitments.)

Thanks for the lecture.
Where did I in any way express myself derogatory or even only questioning about intentions of the Universities and/or the contents of courses?
When I tried to sign up there was NO BREAK at all between account sign up and the request for payment.
In the meantime I got the account verification email, have logged in on EdX and yes, I could sign up for a course without verification and without payment.

The contribution is required only if you need (or want)to receive a certificate of achievement. You can still take courses and exams for free.

Thanks Gildawie,
See above.

I didn't know about this site. Nice find!

One point of clarification: Courses on this site are free to AUDIT. No Certificate of Completion is issued in this case. The site help does state there is a progress indicator you can print from within your account area for audited classes, though.

This point is probably of no significance to a majority. But there is a distinction.

Keep up the good work!