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This online app uses deep learning AI to add color to black and white photos. is a project of the Government Technology Agency of Singapore to create a deep learning colouriser tool trained specifically for Singaporean historical photos though anyone is free to use it. Much like Algorithmia, you upload a photo, solve the CAPTCHA, the photo is automatically colorized, and download the colorized image. None of the images that are uploaded are stored on the servers.

Colourise performs best on higher resolution images that prominently feature human subjects and natural scenery though you can upload any photo you like and get a colorized result that's usually good. I uploaded images of people, buildings, historic images from the Library of Congress, various landscapes and some floral images and liked most of the results. Manmade architecture didn't colorise as well and produced mostly monotone images.

The difference between this deep learning AI and Algorithmia is that the Colourise model was trained to recognize colors and images on specific historical photographs of Singapore and different image databases than Algorithmia. Colourise is a relatively new site and will likely improve as the model learns.

Almost every new photo you upload to Colourise involves solving a CAPTCHA. If you have several images to colorize the CAPTCHA adds some time and additional steps to the process. Uploading photos is done from your device, images can't be added using a web address and there's no drag and drop option from your device or a web site to the Colourise window.

Site note: The purpose of colourisation is to generate an image with colours that are plausible. It by no means guarantees that the colourised image is an accurate representation of the actual snapshot in time.

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