Color Cop


Color Cop

A screen color picker with a compact and powerful user interface


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Pros & Cons:

Compact and powerful user interface, taking up a small space of desktop area. Features include grabber, magnifier, color palette and mixer, etc.
CMYK color space yet to be developed.

Our Review:

Color Cop impressed me with its combination of simplicity and effectiveness. It comes with a compact and powerful user interface which takes up very little screen space. A color grabber is provided to drag and drop at any pixel of the screen, and RGB and Hex codes are presented instantly.

The front interface provides a built-in magnifier and an active color palette. If you want to adjust a picked color, you can click the ‘custom’ button and call up Windows’ default color mixer. When you right click on the interface a menu pops up with extra features. In this way, the interface is cleverly made small but powerful.

The extra features include web-safe color, display color reverses, random colors, conversion to gray-scale, additional hex codes, application options and settings, etc. The only drawback is that CMYK color space has yet to be incorporated.

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