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Copy Text From Any Screen On Android


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Copy text from nearly any screen, one-tap copy.
Does not work well with text in some apps.


This free app from Microsoft copies text from any screen of your Android mobile or tablet.

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Microsoft's Clip Layer lets you copy text from almost any screen of your smartphone or tablet much easier than the copy-and-paste method provided by the Android system.

Using Clip Layer after installation is easy and straightforward—simply long press the Home button on any screen and tap to select the text you want.

While the Android system does not allow you to copy text from any screen, this type of app does in most cases. It proves to be faster as well if you need to copy a full paragraph of words, just one tap with your finger without the need to drag the set of bounding handles.

To see what snippets of text you've copied to the clipboard, tap the Text or "T" button on the top right before you paste them elsewhere.

Besides copying to the clipboard, the app also allows you to send the copied content directly via email, or drop it into Wunderlist.

Upon installation of Clip Layer, you will have to permit this app to act as your default device assistance to read any text on the screen and to take and access screenshots. This is needed for the app to work.

Clip Layer is free for use and does not show you ads. It serves as an alternative to copying text even though functionality in its current release is not foolproof. When it was tried out, text boundaries in a mobile web browser were not well recognized in some cases and text shown in some apps like Word or Adobe Reader could not be copied with the app.

Further, Clip Layer makes use of the Home button, which has already been used by Google Now. You can only long press the Home button to activate either of them, but not both.


Microsoft's Clip Layer Lets You Copy Text From Any Screen On Android

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It's possible to copy and paste with a tablet? Phone? Manufacturers sell their devices and buyers are left on their own. NO instructions on how to use anything. And OS updates? Who cares? In My Humble Opinion they're a waste of money after 2 years they're obsolete.
Everyone have a joyful and bountiful New Year!