Clever Utility Lets You Share Your Scanner Across Your LAN


Do you have more than 1 computer in your home or office?  Does one of those computers have a scanner attached?  Would you like to be able to access the scanner from any machine on your network, simply via a web browser, in a way that lets you scan images and save them to PDF files?

If so, a clever utility called CloudScan is what you need.  It lets you share your USB-connected scanner across all the machines in your home or office, using nothing more than a web browser.  This can be very handy if, for example, your scanner isn't supported by Windows 7.  Stick with XP on the machine to which the scanner is connected, and then access the scanner via a web browser on other workstations. 

To get CloudScan, go to and download the application.  It's around 3 MB, and runs on Windows XP and above.  You need to install it only on the computer to which your scanner is connected.  

Once the program's installed, a web page will appear.  This is your scanner interface, from which you can now scan and save images.  The URL will be specific to your installation, as it includes the IP address of the scanner.  You'll need to make a note of the complete URL.

Now, to access the scanner from any other machine on your network, simply type that URL into a web browser on the workstation of your choice.  It's as easy as that.

CloudScan is currently free of charge to download and use.  The company is working on a "Pro" version of the software, and its web site promises a free licence, when it's released, for those who download the free version and contribute some feedback.



Note: This application has been checked by me with and found to be free of malware and viruses.



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Nice article, thank you.
I have tested that software, it's pretty good for LAN sharing. But I didn't find connection compressing feature.
Scanners send all traffic in uncompressed format, software needs to compress it!
What about over network sharing? How can I make it?