Keep memory use in check on the system and in turn keep the system running smoother.


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License: Free (Limited features)
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Set it and forget it! Schedule to clean memory at user-specified time intervals. Seems to actually work. Doesn't work like other memory optimizers! It is also available in a portable format for those thumbdrive junkies (which is a determining factor for some).
With all memory optimizers, benefits are hard to measure. You'll forget you have it installed.

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I've got to talk about this little program CleanMem that another category editor told me about. I've been running it now for over a year and I've got to say that I almost forgot about it. You never notice it other than you eventually notice that your system is running smoother and faster. After installation, you don't even realize that it is working. The program will install and set it to run every 30 min via the Windows task scheduler. You can change this to any amount of time you like by simply going to the task scheduler in Windows and changing any of the options you like.

Install it and your done! The program doesn't run in the back ground; once it does its job it closes and doesn't run again until the task scheduler runs it. The program is very simple to operate as it will run and clean the memory out of all processes it can, without any user input.

This doesn't work like other memory cleaners that do nothing but force Windows to free up memory by using up all the available memory. This old trick then causes your system to lag big time!


CleanMem has been upgraded to version 2.4.0.

CleanMem is now 3.5x faster. CleanMem use to take 3.5 sec to do its job and close. It now takes 1 sec. Added better support for the window positions of the program. On some users systems, if they had another program running that worked with program windows, it would cause CleanMem to save the window positions off screen, or if a user lowered their screen resolution and the old position would now be off screen. The program now checks the current screen resolution and brings the windows back on screen. Supports people with multiple monitors.

Several new cool features have been added. The most dramatic is a new CleanMem Mini Monitor. This runs separate from CleanMem. The mini monitor allows a user to keep an eye on current memory usage and clean the system memory with one click of a button. The program calls CleanMem to do its job. This new mini monitor is an addition to CleanMem, not a replacement. The mini monitor actually calls CleanMem to run; the mini monitor itself doesn't do the cleaning. CleanMem still installs and runs in the back ground via the task scheduler just as it always has. You do NOT have to use the mini monitor if you chose not to. However, I like it. You can also hide it to the tray icon.

One additional feature that I am also excited about is a feature to change CleanMem auto run time via the right click menu. Basically, when you click it, it opens the task scheduler for the user. It isn't rocket science, but it is a new handy feature.

Special Note: Upon installation, you have 2 choices—you can either install a 32-bit version or a 64-bit version.

CleanMem was reviewed by on based on version 2.4.0.


It just WORKS and is the absolute best option when the memory on your machine is maxed out (short of buying a new computer).

I have seen the difference numerous times when I turn it off.

If you have a spinning HDD, a second thing you can do is replace it with an SSD and increase your swap file size to double your installed RAM.