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Clean Master

A Smart App to Remove Junk and Clean Up Your Android Device


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Lots of tools to clean up junk files and improve performance.
Ads complicating user interface.

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Clean Master offers basically four great tools to optimize performance and usage of your Android device.

On the Home page, the app indicates the percentage of resources including storage and memory being used on your device. You are able to save these resources and optimize your device performance with these four tools, namely Junk Files, Phone Boost, Antivirus and Battery Saver, all contained in one app.


Junk Files

On tapping Junk Files, you will need to grant permission to clean cache junk, residual junk files, ad junk and obsolete APK files. After scanning, it suggests junk files that can be cleaned in each category and storage space that can be saved.

Be watchful and untick those files that you need to keep before you tap the Clean button. If you choose to clean junk files in system cache, you will need to allow Clean Master for accessibility services in your device's settings.


Phone Boost

A CPU Cooler is built into this app to measure temperature of your device’s processor and offers a fix when it is running hot. Tap the Boost button to free up limited memory space and optimize the performance. It takes quite a number of seconds to reach optimal cooling effects by cleaning the running apps.

The cooler also cleverly advises you what other apps are to keep in the memory and no cleaning is necessary.



This tool scans the system, pre-installed and user-installed apps on your device against viruses and unwanted malware.

The history of scans can be viewed by timeline with details such as the number of apps scanned and whether the apps are all safe.


Battery Saver

Battery Saver analyzes background running apps and allows you to optimize memory usage by hibernating them to save power consumption. The unit of power saving is shown in minutes as approximate indications. The actual time you will gain in fact depends on how you continue to use your device.

In functionality, this tool works quite similarly to Greenify but presented better in animated graphics on hibernating process.

In addition, this tool recommends necessary apps to keep awake. You will need to give Clean Master usage access to track how often you’re using other apps for this tool to more preciously find apps to hibernate.


Other Tools and One-tap Shortcuts

Apart from the four main tools, other utilities like Private Browsing, Notification Cleaner, App Manager, Photo Cleaner and the rest are covered on the Tools page, giving you additional means to manage and clean up your device.

As you use the app, one-tap shortcuts like 1-Tap Boost and 1-Tap Hibernate are added to the homescreen. This proves to be useful for running the tools right away from the homescreen without going through Clean Master.



On the downside, this app is supported by ads introducing other apps which appear almost everywhere. Some of them can be quite confusing and sandwiched in between parts of the user interface.



Clean Master - A Smart App to Remove Junk and Clean Up Your Android Device

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